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Captain Dick Gordon
Command Module Pilot
Apollo 12

Gemini 11

A pioneering Gemini pilot performing one of USA's early space walks that paved the way to future success in the race to the Moon, Dick Gordon also became one of only 24 men ever to make the journey from Earth to the Moon, surviving a lightning strike on launch of his Apollo 12 flight.

In October 2012, the 40th anniversary year of the last moon landing, he travelled to Scotland to share the tales of his adventures.

Starting the day off in Blackfriars in Merchant City, Dick took questions rom the audience in this up close and personal Q & A session.


Dick then helped us draw the winning raffle tickets! All raffle prizes were signed by Dick.


He then made sure everyone got an autograph...


My personal favourite memory is at Blackfriars when one of the children asked him what was “his scariest moment” in his career and he looked us all in the eye and said that he never had any – what a man! -  Gavin

Thank you very, very much for a fabulous day on Wednesday. The morning question and answer session was absolutely fabulous and the evening lecture was equally fantastic - Jenny

Just wanted to drop you a short email to say thanks for organising yesterday's events with Capt Gordon. I had a brilliant time and was even better to be able to ask him a question at the morning session. I'm so glad I booked for both events as the more intimate morning session was really good. - Mark

I just wanted to say thank you for organising yesterday’s events.
I had an absolutely brilliant day and I haven’t come down from orbit since the lunch. - Maggie

We had lunch in Bon Accord -winner of Scottish Malt Whisky Bar of the Year 2012

The Walk with Destiny girls loved their place cards at lunch!




In the evening Captain Gordon spoke to hundreds of space fans at Glasgow Caledonian University, sharing his stories of his life and career at NASA.

With short videos on both his Gemini and Apollo missions the audience enjoyed Dick's story, covering everything from the moment Apollo 12 was struck by lightning, the problems he enocuntered on his difficult spacewalk and his relationship with the other astronauts.

After talking for over an hour there was a shorter Q & A session before Dick signed a complimentary autograph for everyone in attendance.


Authors W David Woods and David Harland were on hand to sign copies of their books.

Aileen with the security team.

Dick helped us draw the raffle prizes.

Everyone got an autograph at the end of the evening.

Congratulations on yet another triumph. Well organised and well attended with an astronaut guest that you felt you could sit down and talk to all night. The time just flew in.  The combination of David Woods beforehand and the real Cpt.Gordon was brilliant.  Thanks again, Calum.
I would just like to say a big thank you to you and your team for a great well organised night on Wednesday night. My kids (and myself) found it very interesting with Dick Gordon recalling his experiences in the space program.  Ray

Just a great big THANK YOU for an amazing night with Dick Gordon . This was my first "Astronaut Encounter" organised by you and the WWD Team.  How you kept the price so low beats me, however it did the trick and it was a Full House. You could see just how enthused Dick Gordon was and he even thanked you for giving him the chance to tell it one more time and I for one was just enthralled. Please keep up the amazing work you do and thank you again. Arthur

Well done on another great night with one of the Apollo legends.  It was great to hear Captain Gordon speak about his Gemini and Apollo missions - his first hand recollections really brought to life the adventures I've only read about or seen on dvd. My photograph with the Captain at the framers already. Donald

Well what a great night that was !! Richard was on top form and gave us a fantastic insight into his experience. Stuart

Just to say thanks for last night's event with Richard Gordon.We thoroughly enjoyed it and Richard's talk was excellent. He looked genuinely knocked out by the occasion and the warm enthusiasm and affection of the crowd, and he was obviously taken with his young escorts. Thanks for organising these talks and for giving us the chance to see these heroes in the flesh. The events will long be remembered and appreciated by the people who attend them.
Thanks again for a truly memorable day with Dick Gordon yesterday.  Dick as ever, provided a very good insight into NASA's space programme; he engaged the audience as only he can with his extremely friendly and considerate manner. He is a great ambassador for the U.S Space Programme and was a superb guest. Thanks again for great day.   Tom

Thank you for a wonderful day. I enjoyed it very much.    Thanks again for making dreams come true.  Barry


 Many thanks to Dick for giving us all so many wonderful, happy memories.

Review of Walk with Destiny's
Al Worden visit to Scotland
May 2011

By Nick Deakin

I had high expectations of the events in Glasgow after seeing Al Worden and attending his talks before but this weekend exceeded all of it.

Al Worden talks without notes and without real need of slides although they are useful for the less space savvy. He is full of so much space knowledge, amusing stories and anecdotes, insider info…most importantly he enjoys sharing it all.
I can only tell you about the events we attended - he packed such a lot into a couple of days.

Friday evening lecture at the Caledonian University, full house. Al talked for well over an hour…I’m sure he would have talked all night. This was followed by a Q&A session. Everyone that wanted an autograph at the end of the evening formed an orderly queue and Al signed most graciously for all.
Saturday evening at the Glasgow Marriott; during the drinks reception Al took the time to visit and chat with just about everyone that attended. There was a professional photo session and lots of informal photos too.
Into the restaurant area and off to a flying start with a professional speaker that took us through a bit of fun and games to win a £400.00 bottle of whiskey. A prize draw that included space goodies framed and unframed to be signed by Al. Then onto an auction where the items got even larger.

As soon as the meal ended Al was off again taking us on a journey from the Earth to the Moon and safely back again. Just how do astronauts go to the bathroom in space when there isn’t one…..? The public never tire of that one.
I for one can’t wait to get a copy of Al’s new book.
There were other events for schools and astronomers and business people too. I’m sure Al Worden doesn’t need to sleep. Aileen is probably best placed to tell you more when she comes back down to Earth again.
The organization to choreograph such a busy few days deserves mighty praise indeed.

Nick Deakin
Inspiring the next generation of space explorers

The above review of the Al Worden visit to Scotland was written for another website and is reproduced here with permission of the author. 

A Weekend With 
Colonel Alfred Merrill Worden
Command Module Pilot
Apollo 15
40 years ago as Command Module Pilot for the Apollo 15, Al Worden flew on what NASA called the most successful manned spaceflight ever achieved.
He became one of only 24 men ever to make the journey from Earth to the Moon

That was in July 1971. 
In May 2011, the 40th anniversary year of Apollo 15, he travelled to Scotland to share the tales of his experience.

Thanks to everyone for making making the weekend so fabulous!


Al Worden
Colonel, USAF, Ret.

Al Worden dancing to Fly me to the Moon!

The weekend got off to a great start with Al talking to 700 school children in Airdrie.
See  www.walkwithdestiny/schools programme  for details.


He then visited Airdrie Public Observatory, an educational facility dating back to 1896 and still used to teach spaceflight and the stars to the next generation

In the evening Al spoke to hundreds at Glasgow Caledonian University, sharing his stories and signing a complimentary autograph for everyone in attendance.



Thanks again for a great night with Al Worden at Glasgow Caledonian University last night.
It was really good to see such a good mix of people of all ages and, of course, Al was superb.
Count me in for number 3!!

Just a quick email to say a very big thank you and well done to yourself
and the rest of the team down there for organising such an enjoyable evening last Friday.
Once again you have pulled off a great coup of bringing another Apollo astronaut to Scotland, and for giving people such as myself a chance to listen to and meet our heros!
Many many thanks again,

Just a wee note to say that my nephew Fraser and I had a great time on Friday night. The talk from Al was just outstanding. 
Once again, thanks for a fantastic evening.

I'm just writing to thank you for a superb evening on Friday with Al Worden. Al's talk was inspiring and it was great to hear about the lunar programme and meet someone who was actually there. I  know the weekend would have taken a lot of organising and I appreciate your efforts in bringing these inspiring people to Scotland.
As you said in the event programme, I hope it helps to change young peoples lives and encourges them to achieve more.

On Saturday morning over coffee Al shared even more of his stories, answering questions about everything from his thoughts about God and Obama to coffee and golf!

Carl and Mieke travelled all the way from Netherlands to see Al

New friends were made over coffee and shortbread!  



Just to say again thanks for a fantastic weekend - the question and answer session was especially good. 


The weekend was fabulous, so well organised. Full credit to yourself and the team.
Al is a charming man and was so gracious with his time.
I particularly enjoyed the question and answer session and am delighted with my ballot prize.



I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic weekend of Al Worden events.
After enjoying the Charlie Duke visit so much I wondered if this visit would come up to my expectations. Well it did and far exceeded them.

Once again thank you all very much for giving us the opportunity to hear an Apollo astronaut.

On Saturday evening it was into our gladrags and a reception and dinner in the Glasgow Marriott Hotel. Al had a drink and chat with everyone before moving on to our dinner which was followed by fun and games, raffle and auction with Al drawing the raffle and signing everyone's prizes and souvenir photos.  




What a great night we had last night.  It's one I will remember for the rest of my life.                

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed Saturday night.   
To hear the account of a flight to the Moon from someone who experienced it first hand is a rare opportunity.
The entire evening was very enjoyable and clearly a great deal of hard work and organisation had gone into it. 

Just a quick e mail to say I had a great time Friday and Saturday night and thanks once again for all your help.
All the best. 


Al Worden 1971

 Don't let another Apollo astronaut visit to Scotland launch without you!

If you missed out and want to be notified of our next event please email



Brigadier General Charles Moss Duke Jnr
Apollo 16 Lunar Module Pilot and 10th man to walk on the moon


9th SEPTEMBER 2010

Charlie chats to Graham Stockdale and Myles Cork beside the display of items to be raffled or auctioned.


Charlie chats to guests at the drinks reception at the Glasgow Marriott

Alex and his excellent staff at the Marriott did a wonderful job of looking after us and serving the dinner

Steve watches as Charlie draws the raffle at the wonderful evening in the Glasgow Marriott

Charlie signs the raffle prizes for the lucky winners. Kathleen and John won the bottle of champagne

Airdrie space fan Isabel Morrison was delighted to win the course of skiing lessons

Andy and Samantha from Cheshire were delighted to win the iconic image of Charlie saluting the flag on the moon. 

Steve and Charlie hold up the signed Buzz Aldrin item to be auctioned. 

Julian from Edinburgh was the successful bidder for the montage

I wanted to write and thank you for organising such a wonderful gala dinner last night at the Marriott Hotel. Everyone had a fantastic evening meeting Charlie Duke and many new friends were made amongst those attending.

The evening ran more smoothly than a fine watch with every detail having been obviously very carefully considered by yourself in advance of the event.

I know that I will treasure the memory of the evening for a long time to come and have a wonderful photograph, an autographed book and the beautiful canvas print from the raffle to treasure and show to family and friends helping to pass on the Apollo legacy to future generations.

Thank you again,


I just wanted to thank you again, most sincerely for organising such a great evening at the Marriott Hotel last night. It was a truly memorable occasion and, like me, I am sure that all who attended are still on a 'high' from the event today!

Many congratulations


Hi everyone, had a great night at the Charlie Duke dinner last night and just wanted to say thanks. 

I think the Walk with Destiny programme is a wonderful idea and hope that last nights donations help to get the message to more kiddies that if you can dream it you can do it 

Well done 

- Kim 

10th SEPTEMBER 2010 

Tonight, Charlie was present on the campus of Glasgow Caledonian University and gave a fantastic presentation to over 400 people from all over the UK and Europe. 

Again, there was an opportunity to have a souvenir photo taken with Charlie at the start of the evening.

With three screens and a great sound system the lecture hall was a great setting for the audience to enjoy Charlie's story, covering everything from his time as Apollo 11 Capcom to his many adventures on the Moon as Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 16. He also played a short video and talked us through it.

After listening to Charlie for over an hour that passed all too quickly, the audience were able to spend half an hour asking questions. The Scottish interpreter standing by was not required!

At the end of the question and answer section, there was another raffle and again Charlie was kind enough to draw the winners for us.

After a massive show of appreciation from the delighted audience, there was an opportunity for everyone to meet Charlie in person and to receive an autograph. 

This was a very busy signing session for Charlie but, ever the professional, he managed to make sure that everyone in the audience got an autograph before the end of the evening.

Charlie autographed a photo for every guest

Jakub Jirasek and his lovely wife Renata, pictured here with Aileen Malone of Walk with Destiny, were our furthest travelled guests, coming all the way from the Czech Republic to enjoy both evenings with Charlie Duke.


All great things must come to an end and eventually we had to say goodnight and goodbye to Charlie. Many thanks to Charlie for giving us all so many wonderful, happy memories.


May I take this opportunity to thank you and everyone else involved in bringing Charlie Duke to Glasgow.  It was a superb evening and one that went in too quickly. 

You should all be rightly proud of how this event attracted such a large audience and it portrayed you, Glasgow and the rest of your team in a very good light.  

Thanks for a terrific night; you deserve so much credit for an outstanding evening.

Count me in for any future events!!
Kind regards


Just a short note to say thanks for organising such a momentous evening as last night's presentation and opportunity to meet Charlie.
 I have been a long admirer of the Apollo programme, and to get the chance to share an evening with one of the few was "fantastic"!
 My wife and 7 year old son were also captivated.
 Congratulations for the imagination and effort in organising such a wonderful event.
 Thanks again,

Just a quick note to say many thanks to you and your team for organising the Charlie Duke evening. It was a splendid event and I must say that I enjoyed the evening.

I found Mr Duke to be a real gentleman and an Ambassador for Space Programmes, both past and present.
Two handshakes, one autographed Apollo 16 photo and the photo op with Mr Duke made for a truly great night.

Please count me in for any other Astronaut events you may be planning in the near future. The 548 miles were not too bad (especially as my mate was driving!)
Once again, many thanks



“Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice: It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”
William Jennings Bryan 

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